Property Management Services

Are you tired of the stress of managing your own property? Are you unhappy with your current management company? Let Aquarius Property Solutions show you what good management can do for you.


Aquarius Property Solutions can lease your property to qualified residents. First rent surveys are done to ascertain competitive market rents in any particular location. Aquarius Property Solutions  markets vacancies by whatever means that have proven effective.  Eye catching signs and banners are also affixed on the property itself. A record of calls of prospective residents is kept and follow-up calls are made to prospective residents.
Rental applications are handed out during showing appointments to all interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications at this website. The ease of applying has increased the number of applications and processing time. Once the application is carefully screened and approved, the resident signs a lease that has many safeguards for owners, and complies with all local and state laws.Rental Home Greenville SC


Aquarius Property Solutions  has the resources to address the myriad of maintenance issues that arise at a property. We use  a variety of independent contractors that give the property both quality work at reasonable prices and a quick turnaround. Residents can easily make a maintenance request through our website.


Aquarius Property Solutions  is very firm about rent collections. Rents are due on the first and considered late on the second. Late fees are charged and if necessary legal action is taken to ensure proper payment.

Contact Us Today and let us help you manage your property. 864- 729-9849